Thee Oh Sees - Fortress

thee Thee Oh Sees continue to release new music at a rapid rate with yesterday's debut of "Fortress" of the band's forthcoming 7". Earlier this year they gave us their Mutilator Defended At Last album, which was different from the old version of the band - drummer Mike Shoun, guitarist Petey Dammit, and singer/keyboardist Brigid Dawson were gone from the picture. Their sound was less made-in-the-moment style tracks recorded in single takes with no or minimal overdubs, and more polished and tuneful.

Yet, Mutilator Defended At Last still was Thee Oh Sees; jagged, percussive, and driven by about-to-combust guitar riffs and drums. "Fortress" continues in the same sonic vein - maybe because the track was recorded during the sessions for Mutilator Defeated At Last -  as it bursts with dizzying almost hypnotic swirls of guitar and crashing percussion. John Dwyer  supplies his minimal but melodic vocals on the mostly instrumental track.

Naturally, the band also have a new album in the works. It's due for release in the spring. Listen to the "Fortress" below.