DIIV - Under The Sun

diiv Drugs and addiction have long played a role in rock and roll music, standing either as fuel and inspiration for song-writing, or as many artists' ultimate demise. For DIIV frontman, Zachary Cole Smith, his vices have stood as both - a perpetual state of mind while creating and an eventual downfall.

With the release of yet another track off their forthcoming album Is the Is Are - following "Dopamine", "Bent (Roi's Song)", and "Mire (Grant's Song)" - DIIV have now shared "Under the Sun". The new track comes with some intimate liner notes from Smith, who took to tumblr to speak about the album and "Under The Sun". In speaking about the new album, Smith has been very open about his relationship with drugs and its effect on the album. Smith details that with the new album he's "hoped to remove any attempt at seeming “cool” or “glamorous” and tried instead to totally humanize it."

However Smith also reveals that record was not made "to be mired too deep in darkness either. My life wasn’t all drugs and addiction, rehab/relapse, and sickness. I also met and fell in love with someone." Smith goes on to make a few more remarks about the power of love in his darkest and heaviest times, which you can read here.

Smith also released the lyrics for "Under The Sun":

yes i’ll come back to you no i wont ask where you run under the sun Yes I’ll catch up to you Then I’ll ask what   have    we    done Under the sun To be free, be awake big breath you can’t fake once you’ve begun press my face to the back all the pillars that stack and hold up the sun

Listen below.