Be Human: Austyn Gillette

austyn gillette

In skating, once you get that sensation of learning and landing a trick, there's this little spark that happens. Or at least, that's when innovative skater Austyn Gillette started to feel it and focus on his life on top of a board.

Now, at only 24 years of age, Austyn Gillette has already established a legacy of amazing, fun-to-watch parts for HUF and Habitat in a decade strong career built on hard work, humility, innovation and a commitment to skating every day. Desillusion Magazine spent a day with Austyn to reflect on the trials and tribulations of being pro and the importance of balance and being human, for another one of their short, well-captured videos.

While Gillette has been out for the last year with knee injuries and subsequent surgeries, Gillette looks forward to when he can reacquaint himself with the speed, power, and pop he has in great supply.

Watch Be Human - Austyn Gillette directed by Robin Pailler below.