John Wilson's Sequence 1


Skate filmmaker John Wilson is know for his wonderfully simplistic video titles. His newest video offering "Sequence 1", aptly titled by Final Cut Pro's default settings, is yet another incredible edit of some of the raddest skaters pushing in New York City.

You can probably recognize Johnny Wilson’s crew when you see a mob of skaters rolling twenty-five deep to a Manhattan skate spot. The skater and Brooklyn-based filmmaker manages to get some of the most known skaters in front of his lens in the short two and a half minute edit, including his two older brothers Andrew and Mitchell, and his regular gang of skaters: Nik Stain, Stu Kirst, Max Palmer, Bobby Worrest, Nick Boserio, Ishod Wair, Genesis Evans, Pad Dowd, Dallas Todd, Cyrus Bennet, Conor Prunty, Kohlton Ervin, Mason Silva, Alex Olson, and Ben Kadow.

Andrew Wilson does a massive ollie over some sloped Chinatown cobblestones, while the Wilson elder pulls an impressive frontside wallie and Ben Kadow further proves he is one of the most stylish skateboarders around.

There's no doubt "Sequence 1" will have you hyped to skate after one view. It mixes both fun skating and some serious tricks perfectly. If you enjoy John's videos, then you'll like his tumblr just as much. John regularly posts tons of photos that act as behind the scenes snapshots of his life, travels, and making of his videos.

Watch "Sequence 1" below.