Yardsale x Dickies Hi8 Video


Legendary American workwear brand Dickies have been working hard to keep themselves relevant; first their collaboration with boot and leather brand Broken Homme, and now their recent team up with London's skater owned brand Yardsale.

Yardsale x Dickies primarily came together to produce a collaborative two pieces - the white work shirt and black workwear jacket with signature Yardsale logo - for this year's Fall and Winter season, however it's the rad Hi8 video edit that came out of the collaboration that is most noteworthy.

Skaters Jake Church, Curtis Pearl, Darius Trabalza, Sam Roberts and Sebastian Tabe all take turns thrashing around the cobblestoned streets of London in this glitched out video mix. The 90s-looking skate footage not only boasts pixelation and slight discoloration characteristic of Hi8 video resolution, but features cliche elevator music and smooth jamz as the skaters rip through graffiti-ridden spots and unbelievable ledges.

You can shop the collection directly from Yardsale HERE.