Yardsale - Softcore

yardsale Yardsale have released their latest promo entitled Softcore. Filmed and edited by founder Daniel Kreitem across London, New York & LA the new video features Curtis Pearl, Jake Church, Darius Trabalza, Kyle Wilson, Jason Landau, Jhian Namei, Devyn Neal and David Bowens.

Yardsale team riders Jake Church and Curtis Pearl have made a huge statement about the UK skate scene since the London-based company started. Their videos boast heaps of lo-fi charm - predominately shot on a Hi8 camcorder and scored with funky, downtempo synth pop - as their team avoids the stereotypical spots and getting creative in the streets. The Yardsale skaters are not only stylish, but innovative and after watching them from nearly ten minutes in "Softcore," make you want to go out and explore a bit more for that untapped spot.

Check out the video below and discover more about Yardsale via their website and Instagram page.