together PANGEA-The Phage

together PANGEA has always stood out for their raw, unpredictable, and appropriately loose rock style. Zero fucks are given as lead singer William Keegan's voice blazes through the band's usually hopped up, surfy garage punk that comes with more variety than you might expect.

The Los Angeles based trio made their bones as disaffected noise punks, but with the release of their new EP The Phage, on Burger Records, they have since crafted a crisper, almost radio-friendly effort that can partially be chalked up to the fact that they enlisted producer Tommy Stinson of  The Replacements, who having made the transition from ultra lo-fi sounding tunes to more accessible pop-driven records, knows how to clean a track up without dismantling the band's character.

With The Phage, together PANGEA have made a concerted effort to lay down tracks in a way that capitalize more on the pop flourishes than the punk, but serve up a sweet six-track EP of easily digestible garage-tinged pop melodies.