CERULEAN: With Asher Pacey

https://vimeo.com/142216434 Matt Kleiner's new short surf film, "Cerulean," is like an absolute daydream. It's hard not to get lost in Asher Pacey's more than graceful style as he glides along the face of these perfectly crafted waves. Pacey's surfing is something of true grace. His impeccably smooth maneuvers are everything that defines flow, beauty, and fine barrel-riding. Even his cutbacks lack erratic quality, rather they show off his ability to so casually control the twin fin board he's become widely come known to use.

In "Cerulean," we see Pacey wrangle barrel after barrel, in between shots of him camping in a beach cave, fishing for dinner and just having a kick-ass time in a secluded spot.

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All images and video copyright Matt Kleiner.