Tancred - Out of the Garden

tancred2 Brooding and grim, yet slightly anthemic, Out Of The Garden, the latest full-length effort from Tancred, marks an impressive and unrelenting collection of 90s infused power-pop songs. Out of the Garden is the follow-up effort to Tancred's self-titled 2013 release, which was an impressive mix of indie and pop-punk.

Now, lead singer and songwriter Jess Abbott's (Now, Now) voice sounds more mature, slightly more brazen, and inevitably like it came straight out of 1999, as her hyper-feminine vocals innocently cut through the barrages of distortion on each track.

From "Joey," to "Control Me," Tancred rages against the atypical patriarchal norms that affect womanhood. In an interview with FADER Abbot says, "It's about doing what makes you happy while sifting through the bullshit of society. It's about the juxtaposition between being an object of sex and an object of violence, about abandoning expectation and replacing it with freedom. You know, not giving a fuck what anyone thinks about it.”

Abbot is an undoubted master of using her voice to inject passion and fury into every one of these eleven full force anthems for shamelessly being who you are. Out Of The Garden, which is out now via Polyvinyl, is a subversive blast of fuzzy pop hooks, and lyricism that reeks of 90s melancholia.

Listen below.