Destroying By Example

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Two years ago Erik Ellington got in a fight in Colorado. Him and his buddies got into it at a bar, Ellington picked up a glass to defend himself against the guy who was messing with him. After it all he was almost sentenced to 10-30 years in prison. It was his rock-bottom. Alcohol had caused him to put his freedom in jeopardy. To him it was no longer worth it.

When Ellington was coming up in skateboarding, during its explosion in the nineties, alcohol, drugs, partying and world tours were the norm. And the three eventually became a thing of daily routine for Ellington. Two decades on and at 38 years of age, Erik is a veteran. A life fighting inner demons has lead to a new chapter, one of sobriety, deeper connections, and clarity.

Director Sebastien Zanella presents Destroying by Example, which Desillusion Magazine describes "a thoughtful portrait on one of the most intriguing personalities skateboarding has produced. In an unprecedented interview Ellington shares his plight, his inspiration and what led him to lead such a positive change in lifestyle."

Watch below.

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