Refined Grime: Bisco Smith

[embed][/embed] From his early days writing on walls as a young skate punk and making mix tapes to sell at his high school, to riding into art school with his turntables and crates of vinyl, and eventually writing graffiti alongside New York City legends at the no longer standing graffiti mecca, 5Pointz, Bisco Smith has continued to dole out both burners, beats and raps that demonstrate an overwhelming convergence of his two artistic worlds - the visual and the musical.

Today the two mediums still continue to inform Smith’s visual aesthetics even though he now finds himself in Los Angeles and more frequently painting in the studio than on the streets. However Smith’s studio work manages to occupy that same stream of consciousness creative process that he once found while writing on walls and freestyle rapping, as his paintings - now more than ever - are influenced by the music he makes and listens to while creating on his canvases.

Havoc TV visited Bisco Smith at his Venice, CA studio, where we got the scoop on his unique process, his transition from graffiti to studio work, and the reason he continues to create.