Cherry Glazerr-Sip'O Poison One minute and thirty seconds. That's all the time Cherry Glazerr lead singer, Clementine Creevy, needs to convince you she's a force to be reckoned with on the LA band's new single, "Sip 'O Poison." The barely legal Cherry Glazerr guitarist vocally kicks and punches her way through the entire fuzzed up track, as she immediately delves into the screeches of reverb with gloriously unpolished gusto.

"Sip 'O Poison," delivers the hit-and-run brevity that the pop-punk trio became known for with their last full-length, Haxel Princess. The song sounds like a band rocking out in a tight space, writing short and punchy punk songs and just generally enjoying bouncing off each other.

The single undoubtedly carries contagious garage pop melodies that don't hang around long enough, but what the song lacks in length, it makes up for with flamboyant guitar dirges, and ultimate lo-fi charm.