New Madrid's New Psychedelic Album 'magnetkingmagnetqueen'

new madrid Back in 2010, four dudes from Athens, GA started a band called New Madrid. The four-piece act hit Athens’ musical consciousness with their 2012 debut, Yardboat, a jammy Southern rock record that earned them countless local accolades in a city filled with top-notch music talent. Since, they've toured consistently across the U.S., Canada and Europe, released their more psych-tinged sophomore album Sunswimmer, and garnered an even larger fanbase with their electrifying live show.

Now the band has released what might be their most complete work to date, magnetkingmagnetqueenIt's a 15-track sonic amalgamation of the band's strongest influences, ranging from the guitar tangle of Television and the tripped-out tinge of Yo La Tengo, to the angular experimentation of Can. It's all reminiscent, but never mimicry. Rather New Madrid combines several elements into something entirely unique. From quick, subtle and psychedelic jammers like "Guay Lo", to the more swirling buzz of shoegaze-sounding guitars on "Knots", magnetkingmagnetqueen seeminlgy was created in the grand tradition of Can and Neu!: music to get lost in


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