fidlar Hopefully yesterday when you were guzzling Tecates and gorging on tacos in celebration of some Mexican holiday you have no idea about, you threw an extra cerveza back for the great Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch of the Beastie Boys, who's passing came with great devastation to the music world four years ago on May 5th .

In remembrance of the iconic MC, SoCal garage punks FIDLAR released a cover of Beastie’s Ill Communication single “Sabotage”. It’s a kickass and adrenaline-fueled rendition, with Zac Carper’s howling vocals leading the way.

FIDLAR have cited MCA and Beastie Boys as major influences over the years. On their Tumblr account last summer, they wrote, “Oh hey Beastie Boys, you guys are the reason we do this.” The video for their single “40oz. On Repeat”, off 2015’s Too full-length, also saw the band pay homage to the legendary New York trio.

Listen to the track below.