Miguel - U R on My Mind

https://soundcloud.com/miguel/u-r-on-my-mind-ft-blu-prod-by-a-williams-circa-1999 Sly crooner, Miguel, threw up a song on his Soundcloud called, "U R on My Mind," a track that he recorded back in 1999, when the California native was only 14 years old.

"U R on My Mind," which features a Los Angeles rapper by the name of Blu and production by Anthony Williams, depicts an undoubtedly young, but seasoned vocalist as Miguel smoothly contributes his staccato style throughout the track. As you listen to the throwback beat, it’s kind of incredible how you begin to hear and trace the youthful roots of the singer’s now silky vocals.

The 5-minute soundscape will send you into a 90's R&B groove, and will reaffirm all the reasons why Miguel has gained notoriety for his sensual R&B recordings and his latest album, WILDHEART.