GRIMES - Flesh Without Blood Grimes has released the first video from her upcoming album Art Angels. In "Flesh Without Blood/Life in the Vivid Dream," the queen of weird dances through a series of costume and scenery changes, including standing as a winged cowgirl angel in the middle of a field, walking around a basketball court in a Marie Antoinette-inspired outfit with a purple wig, and sitting on her bed with opaque white contact lenses, and tons of fake blood.

The new video is divided into two parts, comprising two tracks on Art Angels. First, there's "Act I: Flesh, Without Blood", which encompasses everything from Grimes running around the basketball court with a knife in her stomach to her jumping up and down on a bed covered in dollar bills and rose petals. "Act II: Life in the Vivid Dream" takes off from there at a slower tempo, with Grimes (stabbed with a knife and covered in blood) embarking on the next leg of her adventure.

Grimes' Art Angels will be available digitally on November 6, with a physical version coming on December 11. The album will not only feature a collaboration with Janelle Monáe, but a lot more live instrumentation than ever before, including piano, guitar, and violin all played by Grimes. Doing it all herself isn't something new for the artist who got her start making tracks on her bedroom floor, but Art Angels continues in that DIY vein, having been written and recorded entirely by Grimes at her home studio in Los Angeles.

Watch the video above.