Mickey Wright In Rage

MW_QS16_Mikey_Bosko-9863 It wasn't until a few months ago when Mikey Wright released RevHed, that he was able to significantly shake the shadow of his brother and sister's success on their respective world tours. The thrashing, nearly five-minute edit finally made the Balina native more well-known for his style in the water, than for his mullet.

Now Wright has released another assaulting clip called Rage. Shot during a three-week stint on North Shore and cut to a 1993 live performance of "Testify" by Rage Against The Machine and montaged images of Wright flipping off the camera, Rage showcases Wright's aggressive form – not the typical cruisey see-what-sections-present-in-front-of-him approach – but pumping super hard down the line, building a ton of speed and either smashing a section or stomping his rail into the open face for a strong, sharp carve. Filmed and edited by Wade Carroll

Watch his drop at 1:50.