L.A. Witch - Drive Your Car

lawitch Los Angeles trio, L.A. Witch will release their first 7", Drive Your Car, on February 12th, and have posted the title track track on Soundcloud for fans to get a taste of it's chugging riffs and the band's characteristic reverb.

“Drive Your Car” — rolls along with a combo of slow and steady surf riffs until the breakdown, charged by drummer Ellie English's — knocks you on your ass with drugged-out twangs and sopped in fuzz and echo. The track boasts speckles of rock and roll in the vein of The Black Angels keeping it all fuzzy and lo-fi while lead singer Sade Sanchez and bassist Irita Pai's howls try to kick and punch their way through the reverb.

Listen to the new track below and watch a video of the trio performing "Drive Your Car" live.  


"Drive Your Car" live  below.