White Lung - Hungry

12745883_10154310444567841_8690616181937072498_n It's nearly been two years since Vancouver-bred post punks White Lung shared with us their Deep Fantasy. Now, the Domino-signed trio have a new album, Paradise, in the works, and have shared its first single, "Hungry".

"Hungry" carries all the energy, unique guitar work, and lyrical prowess that has become characteristic of White Lung in past years, and shows the band working with a new pop sensibility. While the track still boasts Kenneth William's frenetic guitar work, the song's not nearly as intense as the White Lung of previous albums.

“There’s this stupid attitude that only punks have where it’s uncool to become a better song writer,” says Mish Barber-Way, “In no other musical genre are your fans going to drop you when you start progressing. That would be like parents being disappointed in their child for graduating from kindergarten to the first grade. Paradise is the best song writing we have ever done, and I expect the next record to be the same. I have no interest in staying in kindergarten.”

White Lung spent a month in the studio, working closely with Lars Stalfors to challenge what could be done with their songs. “I wanted it to sound new. I wanted a record that sounded like it was made in 2016”, says William of his mindset.

In addition to the album announce, White Lung are pleased to share the video for 'Hungry', which was written and directed by Mish Barber-Way and Justin Gradin, and stars Amber Tamblyn.

Check it out below.