Wash - Point of View

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The West Oz surfers Creed McTaggart, Beau Foster and Ellis Ericson have all existed on the outskirts of the brand-driven surf world, rarely seen in a jersey, and more often than not, chasing good waves and exploring unconventional and progressive ways of riding them.The trio not only shreds on a surfboard, but on stage as well.

Wash – the stage name McTaggart, Foster and Ellis go by – released their first E.P. this week, titled Point of View (listen to it here). It’s a four-song musical onslaught featuring Ellis on guitar, Foster on drums and McTaggart on bass and vocals, and who is usually screaming about society, girls and reckless revelry. They play with the same rebellious angst and fuck-off attitude that was made famous by bands like the Sex Pistols.

The band's new EP is like an unforgiving assault of lo-fi punk and if you have the chance to catch one of their live shows, it's a must see. Point Of View by WASH Photo credit: Griffin Douglas