Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Necessary Evil

unknown-mortal-orchestra The adventurous Portland-by-way-of-New Zealand indie-pop rockers Unknown Mortal Orchestra tried out a new, white boy funk sound on their most recent album Multi-Love. the album undoubtedly boasts songs with some serious legs, and reflects on frontman Ruban Nielson's relationships: airy, humid longing, loss, the geometry of desire that occurs when three people align (read the Pitchfork article on Nielson and his wife's naturally unfolding polyamorous relationship that fueled the writing for this album).

Their video for “Necessary Evil” is a psychedelic animated affair, which seems to be on trend with the slew of other animated music videos this year (Kurt Vile, Tame Impala). But this one has a big central idea. It shows a male and female character coming together and breaking apart in all sorts of body-melting ways, and it works as an extended metaphor for romantic distance, for the way we can never really know another person. Artist, director and Lucas Bros creator Sean Solomon directs. Check it out below.