Ty Segall - Emotional Mugger

tysegall Despite Ty Segall's excellent release with Fuzz a mere two months ago, the prolific garage rocker will release his ninth studio record under his own name entitled, Emotional Mugger, on Jan. 22nd.

Emotional Mugger is an 11-track effort that follows 2014’s incredibly polished Manipulatorand serves as a stark contrast to the methodical recording approach taken on the aforementioned album. Emotional Mugger shows Segall running in the completely opposite direction from Manipulator, with fuzz guitar, pop hooks, and a rollicking snarl.

Each track boasts sprinklings of absolute weirdness, that adds variety and idiosyncratic character to a record that seems like Ty had a blast making; almost like a soundtrack to the LA-based musicians restless mind.

Stream Emotional Mugger in its entirety below, and check out the Emotional Mugger site to see the album trailer and a live version of the new song, "Candy Sam". Or call the Emotional Mugger Hotline - 1 800 281 2968