This Week Through the Lens 5.0

“Through the Lens” is Havoc TV’s featured flick column. Each week we source the best surf and skate snaps from up-and-coming, already legendary, or important but overlooked Instagram photographers.


Ryan Pickens (@rp_foto)

Freelance photographer, Ryan Pickens, snapped this photo of stylish Southern California skater Robbie Russo, who, last weekend, was surprised with his first pro board for Antihero. Congrats Robbie on going pro.


Kevin Jansen (@robotsfrom)

A snap shot of Kevin Jansen's latest project, "Departure", featuring Tyler Warren. “Departure” comprises a handful of Warren's memorable sessions from 2015. Warren is truly one of surfing’s most talented surfer and shapers.


Andrew & Kookai Mapstone (@raddada)

Skater Jim Roche plants himself nicely on this industrial air conditioner.



Alex Papke (@alex_papke)

Skater Matt Genovese kickflips over a construction barricade in Long Beach on shoot for Format Skateboards.


Jonathan Mehring (@mehringsbearings)

Jonathan Mehring is a photographer and author of Skate the World, published by National Geographic. Mehring catches skater Jerry Mraz popping an ollie in Queens, NY. 


Aaron Lieber (@lieberfilms)

Aaron Lieber is a surf filmmaker and cinematographer. He takes photos of surfing's legends and cream of the cop. Here Rob Machado get low to slide through the barrel of this one.


Matt Ord (@mattheword)

Matt Ord, a Southern California based photographer, captures surfer Miles Smith at River Jetties; minus the recent rain and Staph Infection water.


Russell Houghten (@russelhoughten)

Russell Houghten is a filmmaker for the Brindle Collective, which has shot skate videos for The Berrics and brands like New Balance. Here Houghten catches skater Tyler Surrrey doing a Nollie BS Flip on a bridge over the 805 freeway in San Diego.


Alex Pires (@alexbrpires)

Photographer Alex Pires perfectly captures skater Santiago Sassoon throwing up this switch wall ride in Amsterdam.


Erik Schwab (@slatyvisionz)

Erik Schwab is a New York based "ocean art" photographer who, caught surfer Leif Engstrom in his element yesterday before the sun came up.

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