This Week Through The Lens 4.0

“Through the Lens” is Havoc TV’s featured flick column. Each week we source the best surf and skate snaps from up-and-coming, already legendary, or important but overlooked Instagram photographers.


Juan Medina (@juan_medina_jcm)

Coolangatta is no joke. Check the ridiculous crowd at Superbank caught by surf photographer Juan Medina.



Mike Rosa (@mikerosa3)

Mike Rosa catches this shot of a bs tailslide in an unassuming and quaint neighborhood setting. 


Zach Wormhoudt (@small_wave)

Although this shot wasn't actually taken by Zach - it was taken by Fred Pompermayer - he posted it of Jamie Mitchell after the big wave surfer won the 2015 Surfer Poll Heavy Water Award. Jamie couldn't even accept the award because he was on a plane to Mavericks.


Ray Zimmerman (@mrzzz)

Legendary skate photographer Ray Zimmerman was on site for the El Gato Classic in Palm Springs last weekend and got this awesome shot of Christian Hosoi and Eddie Elguera skating doubles, along with a ton of other rad photos from the event. Head to his instagram for more from the El Gato Classic.


Seth de Roulet (@seth_de_roulet)

South Bay-bred surfer Conor Beatty charging at Mavericks earlier this week. This and several other shots from the sessions can be found on


Chris Harris (@chrisxharris)

Chris is true LA skater, he's part of Deli Status which serves LA lifestyle to the like-minded, four-wheeled, worldwide, through their videos. He caught this shot while mobbing around the city.


Mike Heikkila (@mikeheikkila)

Mike Heikkila shoots skater Dick Rizzo for skate companies Bronze56k, Quasi Skateboards, and Huf. 


Mike Blablac (@blabacphoto)

Blabac caught Tiago Lemos in Brazil doing a Switch Bs Smith Grind in for a spread in the upcoming Tansworld Skateboard magazine.


Trevor Murphy (@tmurphy_photography)

Rincon is know to go off in the winter months. Freelance surf photographer, Trevor Murphy sits at the point to catch this shot.

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