The Weeknd is on fire.  Literally in this video and in the music world in general.  The dude is blowing up.  After stealing the show at Coachella this year and plenty of famous joints with other talents, his own album is taking over.  At the MTV music awards this year, where everyone else seemed to be just too over the top and exposed (We're looking at you Miley) the Weeknd, and even shockingly, Justin Bieber showed some real artistry amongst all the artifice.  With twitter battles and too many cameos, it seemed like MTV was trying too hard to stay relevant with the millenials - - who have long since dropped them for YouTube.  Even Kanye's rant seemed just like a lot of bloviating to get us talking about all his hot air and crazy genius.  Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian, two of the most overexposed people on the entire planet were placed in the front row so they could maximize their camera time. (Enough Dear God!  Enough!)  It all just seemed like one big long Diva battle.  If we wanted that we'd watch Orange is the New Black on Netflix.  Sad to say there was virtually no rock or alternative music on the show, save for Twenty One Pilots who teamed up with A$AP Rocky which made the seem more wannabe hip-hop than rock.  Too bad they didn't play their summer anthem Tear in My Heart instead and let the crowd rock out for a minute or two and distract themselves televised social media spectacle.  The Weeknd's nasty jam made all of us wish we too couldn't feel our face, because our brains are numb from all this pablum.  Bleccch.