Octopus - Scramble

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 3.52.30 PM Heralded by surfers and obvious heavy metal aficionados Dion Agius, Nate Tyler and Chippa Wilson, Octopus is the latest brand in surf traction. The trio unveiled the new traction brand with a thrasher of a video last August, introducing their dogma to the world, and have now just released a clip that show the Octopus team expanding.

The self-proclaimed "Biggest Surf Company in the World" shares "Scramble," featuring Dion, Chippa, Nate, Bobby Martinez, who snags a never-ending barrel at SB sandbar, Colin Moran, Santa Cruz’s Noah “Waggy” Wegrich and Brendon Gibbens.

"Scramble" is the way surf videos are supposed to be made. No drones, no slo-mo, super fast punk. It’s classic, it’s 80’s, and it has eight tentacles.

Check the new Octopus video below.