The Genius of the Crowd

chippawilson Charles Bukowski was a no bullshit wordsmith. He spewed poetic white-knuckle examinations of humanity, love, loss, booze and loneliness. His infamous poem, "The Genius of the Crowd" is a dark-souled example of his ability to pack a poignant punch in a simple way.

Desillusion Magazine's Sebastien Zanella spent a day with Nixon pro surfer Chippa Wilson, to illustrate this poem, showing a defiant soul standing against the elements, an allegory of the freedom to stand alone versus with the majority who want you to remain an average human whilst controlling your thoughts.

The short video paints a feverish portrait of the aggressively stylish surfer, as Bukowski recites the poem over an overwhelmingly manic and frenzied concoction of screeching and scratching melodies. The film is based on the article "L’eden et après", published in Desillusion Magazine 50, Volume 2.


Watch the new video below.