The LB Project: Artist Sam Taylor

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Sam Taylor's artwork is a direct reflection of his style and sense of humor. The London-based artist has been skating since he was 13, and became totally obsessed with it, like most people do. Skating is the main reason he now find himself attacks the big topics of the day with satire through his surreal, Technicolor ’90s cartoon style.

Sam Taylor is basically where he is now in the world because of skating. He originally moved to London because he wanted to skate there, and his illustration career has just blossomed from that move. "I have to explain because not everyone knows and gets it, but I've been skating my whole life and love it, so it just influences me because...I guess you just see the world in a different way."

Check out this video profile of Sam Taylor, one of the twenty artists and photographers involved in transatlantic skate art initiative the LB Project, and read the short interview LB Project did with Taylor.

To start off can you introduce yourself ? I’m Sam Taylor, I’m 26, I live in Camberwell, London and I’m an illustrator. 

Can you talk about your background into Art ? When and How did you start creating, drawing stuff ? I’ve always drawn, my whole life, but I did an art foundation in Leicester and then went to Camberwell to study illustration, I started getting properly into it towards the end of my second year. I just got drunk for the first year. 

What is your involvment into skateboarding ? I’ve skated for over ten years, I’ve been sponsored by companies, like Science Skateboards who I’ve done graphics for. I watch skate videos everyday, usually when I should be doing work. Some of the first artists I loved are skaters and board graphics had a big part to play in my artistic development. It’s something that I enjoy.

How skateboarding influences your art ? Skateboarding is everywhere in my life, everyday I think about it in some way or another so I guess it influences me by being in my mind constantly. 

The LB project has been created to unite artists  and photographers through skateboarding, what motivate you to be a part of it ? It seems like fun. 

For more from Sam Taylor follow him on Instagram : @sptsam or head to his website:

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