Phil Evans' Snapshot

Phil Evans' latest skate offering Snapshot, is a tribute to analogue photography formats, drawing attention to all the artistic ways skateboarding is documented and shows a slice of the Malmö street skating scene. Shot in Malmö and featuring skaters Danny Westin, Gustav Edén, Erik Moe, Simon Andersson, Koki Lioza, Tom Botwid, Axel Welton, John Dahlquist, Danijel Stankovic, Daniel Grönwall, Koffe Hallgren, Filip Almqvis, Snapshot replicates all the analogue film formats using a digital Lumix GH3.

Evans is never afraid to explore new creative boundaries within skateboarding - his landmark doc Format Perspective in 2011 featuring Euro skate shooters like Alex Irvine, Bertrand Trichet, Nils Svensson and Sergej Vutuc, and shot completely on Super 8 film, was a portrait of six European photographers. Now Evans gives us Snapshot; another visual masterpiece that depicts the innate overlap of skating and art.