Silent Prayer - Far East Skate Network

The Far East Skate Network has been bringing underground skate videos and original edits to its devoted audience for a 20 years now. The Japan-based production company was started by OG Z-boy, Nakano local legend, Takahiro Morita.

Morita has been skating for three decades and has been pushing skateboarding into new creative realms when traditional conceptions are at risk of going stale. Morita functions with a "no rules" policy, of which skateboarding was originally conceived. The Far East Skate Network's latest release "SILENT PRAYER" is yet another inspiring edit from the passionate skateboarders that make up Far East Skate Network.

Directed by Takahiro Morita, edited by Shigeta Iha, and filmed by Yuuki Saitoh, Shigeta Iha, Yoan Taillandier.