Tortoise - Yonder Blue

tortoise For those familiar with the Chicago-based instrumental post-rock quintet Tortoise, there's one facet of the band's newest album, The Catastrophist, that will stand out and take listeners aback; vocals. Tortoise have spent the past 25 years and seven albums fusing dub, jazz, prog, and indie into a recognizable and trademark sound, but with their newest, Tortoise features prominent guest vocals on two of their tracks.

Georgia Hubley of Yo La Tengo provides vocals to the blown-out, laid-back ballad "Yonder Blue" which not only makes exquisite use of her soft voice, but also has us wishing that Tortoise had included even more guest vocalists on The Catastrophist.

Tortoise have shared a video for “Yonder Blue,” which follows a woman as she wanders around the city, ending up at a bar and eventually a rainy bus stop, where a freaky sheep’s mask makes an appearance. Watch below.

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