parquet-courts-human-performance-album Following last year’s Monastic Living EP and their Live at Third Man Records LP, Parquet Courts has announced a new album, Human Performance, due out April 8. The New York City garage-rockers unveiled a Johann Rashid-directed video for lead track and single “Dust.” The bizarre, sepia-colored clip stars an office worker haunted and troubled by a human-sized, trumpet-playing dust monster. Parquet Courts also debuted the Human Performance track “Outside” live at KFUV earlier this week. The 13-track effort reveals the band’s more emotionally intelligent side, according to a press release.

In a press release, co-frontman Austin Brown — who produced the LP — said the new album is inspired by “the unavoidable noise of NYC that can be maddening, the kind of impossible struggle against clutter, whether it’s physical or mental or social.”

“I began to question my humanity, and if it was always as sincere as I thought, or if it was a performance,” fellow singer-guitarist Andrew Savage added. “I felt like a sort of malfunctioning apparatus, like a machine programmed to be human showing signs of defect.”

Watch the multilayered video for “Dust” and the band's live performance of "Outside" at KFUV here.