Jennylee - Never

Warpaint's bassist, Jenny Lee Lindberg has always recorded music on her own. Most of her solo recordings were instrumental tunes, with little to no vocals.

However right on!, the solo debut of her new project jennylee, has Lindberg's vocals front and center amongst visceral guitar plucking and the spastic drumming of her friend and the album's engineer, Norm Block. Having never concentrated much on vocals, Lindberg believes that right on! came out necessity to add to her already no-nonsense instrumental music.

In anticipation of right on!'s December 11th release, jennylee unveiled the album's lead single "never". The collision of atmosphere and minimalism, the stuttering drum beat, synth, and Lindberg's melodic bass lead offers an album of what will seemingly be a collection of slick new-wave tracks.

In an interview with DIY magazine, Lindberg reveals her go-with-the-flow approach to the album stating, "My writing process, those things came out stream of consciousness. I appreciate that kind of writing. Whatever your first instincts are, whatever comes out first. I think oftentimes when that happens, that’s your best bet, cos you’re fluid, and you’re free, and it feels good. If you try to redo it, you’re trying too hard and it’s fabricated. If you can try to keep to what you first think… I try to always opt for that."

jennylee's video for the goth-club reminiscent, "never," shows Lindberg playing bass, casually dancing, and singing throughout Block's studio, through a series of red-tinged and projected footage, directed by Mia Kirby.