View From A Blue Moon Twenty-three year old John John Florence,  spends most of his time in Oahu, Hawaii, where growing up he became a surfing prodigy. Florence, who after winning two World Championship Tour events and proving his abilities as one of the most dynamic surfer's around, is gaining recognition as the potential surf heir to his hero, Kelly Slater.

Now, Florence and director Blake Vincent Kueny have announced their second signature movie release, View From A Blue Moon, since the duo's critically acclaimed film, Done in 2013. The pair teamed up with film studio Brain Farm to create a stunning 60-minute feature shot entirely in 4K, that follows Florence and a crew of his closest friends surfing around the globe; from his North Shore backyard to Africa. Florence and Kueny spend countless hours with family and friends surfing and exploring the dreamy blue waters of the South Pacific, to the ominous and dark waters of Africa.

While Florence says the toys they used - cameras, production tools - may be much more expensive and extravagant in View From A Blue Moon, they still shot the movie in the same spirit they have embarked on any project with. Narrated by the usually hysterical John C. Reilly, View From A Blue shows Florence putting a massive amount of soul into such high performance surfing.

View From A Blue Moon will be released December 1 worldwide and will be digitally released through iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, M-Go, Vimeo On Demand, and other digital platforms in HD.

Listen to Jack Johnson's new song, "Seasick Dream" below, written specifically for the new flick.