Peach Kelli Pop - Hundred Dollar Bill

Distorted electric guitar lines and punchy drums punctuate Peach Kelli Pop's brand of bubblegum punk. Peach Kelli Pop, which originally started out as solo-project for Allie Hanlon when she was writing garage-pop songs in Ottawa, now have shared "Hundred Dollar Bill," the latest from their new 7", Halloween Mask, available for pre-order now and out April 29th on Lauren Records.


Band leader Allie Hanlon said she wrote the song "after going to a bunch of strip clubs around Los Angeles. It's a song from a woman's perspective about how sexuality and power and money go hand in hand and can be interchangeable."

"Hundred Dollar Bill" is the perfect example of Hanlon's ability to write a catchy pop song with a lo-fi edge. It’s playfulness and high-pitched harmonies add to the charm of not only the song, but the whole persona of Peach Kelli Pop.


Listen to the new track below.