Zackey Force Funk Returns With "Chrome Steel Tiger"

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 5.14.53 PM Zackey Force Funk was discovered in the golden era of Myspace. His tracks were a kaleidoscope of sounds; it was soulful, it was beat-driven, it was straight funky. With each dizzying and blissed-out boogie track that he pumped out, Zackey swiftly started to grab the attention of a number of modern-funk influenced producers.

Following two EPs and a well-received debut LP - Money Green Viper - Zackey will release his new album, Chrome Steel Tiger via HIT+RUN with an album release party at Los Angeles' The Echo tomorrow. Chrome Steel Tiger is a welcome addition to the growing modern-funk canon. It's not only Zackey's multigenerational list of collaborators, including one of Zackey's influencers and West Coast legend, The Egyptian Lover, that makes his new album one of high anticipation, but his reputation to deliver bass-line heavy jammers has had fans eager to hear more of the nine-track collection.

Zackey's single "Firefly," off the forthcoming album is a blending of the old school and new school together. It has a contemporary touch with spaced-out synth effects that float off each way, but pays homage to the funk classics that drive his overall sound. "Firefly" is funky, upbeat, an undoubtedly boasts huge amounts of swag. There are sonic elements that are familiar and draw from rare disco classics, but Zackey's ability to strip them down and rebuilding them to a beating perfection leaves no wonder why his music continues to leave an imprint. It's a track that has its own thing going on -- you can’t help but dance to it.

This new sure to be future funk classic is peppered with affected new wave vocals, predominate midtempo beats, and influences centering on house, soul, and sunshine grooves.

Zackey Force Funk's Chrome Steel Tiger hits stores Tuesday, November 2nd, and will be available on digital download, limited-edition chrome cassette tape and 12" metallic silver vinyl, featuring cover artwork by the legendary UK graffiti artist SheOne.

Be sure to tune in later this week for footage from Zackey's release party at The Echo tomorrow.