Hamburger Helper - Watch the Stove

hh Most well-known for their assortment of easy-to-make boxed pastas and sauces, Hamburger Helper released what could possibly be the best hip-hop mixtape of 2016 thus far.

Watch the Stoveis an elaborate five-track musical compilation that ushers comparisons to Drake and Future’s record What a Time to Be Alive, and features a cover resembling Kanye West and Jay Z’s Watch The Throne. What started out as an April Fools' Day marketing stunt intended to attract younger customers on social media, now has become an internet rap sensation, boasting Southern rap stylings and lyrics that solely exist as odes to the cheesy, beefy, noodle-based concoctions that take no more than 20 minutes to cook.

With lyrics like "I make some mac and cheese and the beef / I kill every track on the beat," "if you catch me at the stove/ I was whippin' up a bowl," and "hold up I told you I'm servin' that stroganoff," the Helper has put out a handful of tracks that are straight fire!

Listen to the full mixtape below, and watch Hamburger Helper's video for the track "Crazy".