Aesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman Share 'Lice'

aesop Aesop Rock is a tremendous storyteller. You can't just kinda listen to Aesop; his rhymes command full attention as they spill out of your headphones, leaving you to contemplate every scintillating line. Homeboy Sandman writes verses that brim with social critique and is admired for his sharp insights delivered in an unhurried, almost drowsy flow. While both rappers' lyrics pack a heavy punch, their styles are totally different.

Aesop and Homeboy Sandman have teamed up to drop an impressive EP Lice, on Stones Throw Records, that stands as a remarkable amalgamation of the two artists' distinct styles. Lice reflects the same lyrical intensity and storytelling heard on an Aesop track, but with the funky and obscuro-soul beats filtered through quaver and hiss on some old-cassette shit, sawn-off basslines and snares that you would hear on any Stones Throw produced record. The combination undoubtedly demonstrates each rapper's dexterity to adjust and adapted their styles to flow together more naturally, and invigorate the 5-track EP with total listenability.

Lice features impeccable and diverse production from DJ Spinna, Optiks, Blockhead and Alex “Apex” Gale, all members of the Stones Throw family. The combination of Aesop, Homeboy and tremendous instrumentation and sampling throws this into another level altogether.

Listen to thew Lice below.