Desiigner - Panda feat. Kanye West

desiigner Desiigner gets fast and furious in the long-awaited music video for his platinum single, "Panda," and it includes Kanye West.

The 18-year-old rapper got a big boost when his song "Panda" was sampled for "Pt. 2" on Kanye West's The Life of Pablo. The track has since gone on to reach the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart and now the single now has a music video, which is credited as having "creative by Kanye West and Paul Geusebroek."

While Desiigner raps about how a white BMW X6 looks like a panda, both him and Kanye speed around the streets of NYC in this quite cinematic visual from the G.O.O.D Music MC.

Last month Desiigner said this about his “Panda” comparisons, “The way my mind works is crazy, man,” he said. “I don’t say crazy like in a crazy psycho way, I mean crazy in like a great artist way. I have my own way of seeing things and I look at things totally different. So when I was just looking at the X6 I was just saying that’s a panda.”

Whatever he's on.....we want. Watch "Panda" below.