Santigold-Can't Get Enough of Myself

santigold-99-cents-560x560 Santigold's new track, "Can't Get Enough of Myself," has been brewing for quite some time now. The spunky artist released the new self-loving song earlier today via Zane Lowe's Beats 1 show, where she admitted she couldn't feel more relieved now that the radio-ready tune is finally out for people to hear.

"Can't Get Enough of Myself" comes with news that Santigold will also be returning with a full-length album - her third since Santogold -  entitled 99¢. The new album's accompanying cover artwork has Santigold lying, shrink-wrapped amongst a bunch of her possessions and clutter of her life, with a gleaming sticker that boasts the bargain price of 99¢.

"The record cover is a picture of me shrink-wrapped with my life. Everything is a product at this point, including people and relationships. And it's all about marketing a product. So, I’m a product," says Santigold in her interview on Beats 1. "And also everything’s undervalued, so it seemed like 99¢ is a good price for me and my life!”

Sunshine synths and a groovy uptempo beat saturate Santigold's cheery lyrics on "Cant Get Enough of Myself," a decidedly welcomed return to her original art-pop sound.

Listen to the new track and interview with Lowe about her new releases below.