Atmosphere-This Lonely Rose

atmos-lonely-rose With the Rhymesayers 20th anniversary concert in Minneapolis right around the corner (December 4), leader of the underground, Atmosphere, has teamed up with his Rhymesayer cohorts Blueprint and Aesop Rock for a new song, "This Lonely Rose"

“This Lonely Rose,” is a funky. loop of a song that Atmosphere just threw out into the world for no particular reason at all, except maybe to attract some hype for his fans anticipating the huge anniversary show. The song also features cuts of instrumentation from Plain Ole Bill and G Koop (who both played on Atmosphere’s “Southsiders”).

The track sports an old-school drum machine beat, and an overlaid funky wah-wah guitar licks, while the rappers trade off on the mic during the verses. Blueprint, who was once a member of Rymesayers’ roster, delivers an excellent verse, and Aesop Rock also flexes his dexterous wordplay on the song’s final verse.

By far Atmosphere's best release recently. Listen below.