STREET PLANT- LITTLE ROOM The See Ya Laters are a "goofy-surfy" band headed by the seriously talented, jack-of-all-trades artist, Luke Pelletier. Pelletier, a recent LA newbie who made the over 3,000-mile trek from North Carolina to California to further grow his artistic endeavors - everything from painting, printmaking, recording music, blacksmithing - teamed up with Street Plant and the skate company's owner, legendary skateboarder and Black Flag singer, Mike Vallely for an epic little skate video nugget.

The video which has Vallely and skater Kristian Svitak casually thrashing the Street Plant Training Facility Parking Block at Street Plant HQ was shot and cut by LA-based Contemporary Video and New-Media artist, Bryan Peterson, who's distinct video style reminds us of a glitched-out homemade skate movie from the 80s.

Check out the just-over-a-minute video of Pelletier and Vallely covering The White Stripes' "Little Room."

You can download the song for free here: