Jack + Eliza - Quarter Past The Hour

img-jack-eliza_095441954434 Jack + Eliza might only be juniors in college, but their breadth of musical influences span generations far beyond their years. From The Mamas & Papas and The Kinks, to a range of other surfy groups like The Beach Boys, Jack + Eliza have a way of putting their own modern twist on the nostalgic surf rock riffs from the 50s and 60s.

Last August they released their debut full-length Gentle Warnings, and "Quarter Past the Hour" is the album's third track.  As the pairs' voices join in a unique harmony, singing the chorus "I guess I don't have time, hold me, baby, up / quarter past the hour and my body is closed,"  and accompanied only by guitar and the occasional tambourine, it becomes obvious that no drums or bass are necessary on this one.

Slip on a pair of swim trunks and enjoy this sun kissed, nostalgic video from Jack and Eliza and shot and directed by the talented film duo, Wiissa.


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