What A Time To Be Alive Presented by Sunday and Slow Culture

wattba2 Two of the most prominent art fixtures in Los Angeles - Sunday and Slow Culture - have collaborated on a massive group show, What A Time To Be Alive, which they hope will "instigate honest and open conversation between artists and the community on social issues and current events."

Sunday and Slow Culture have and continue to harbor a generation of creatives far less concerned with booking shows at well-known galleries, in fact most of the artists who have shown at either gallery have amassed large followings and the ability to share their work through dedicated online presences. Now the online - Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter - stand as main platforms for viewing artwork and seeking out collaborative ventures between artists. However, the Internet and the ever-increasing development of social media has made it possible for fame to happen with a well-crafted YouTube video, and awareness more accessible.

What a Time to be Alive - Curated by Fred Guerrero and Ada Rakjovic on behalf of Sunday and Slow Culture respectively - serves as a critique and celebration of the modern world. Through a range of media, the artists involved in the show understand the importance for individuals, artists, organizations and brands to come together and use whatever established platforms they can access to comment on society and incite change. Although the internet is an important platform, it's the 'in real life' conversations and movements - like this group show - that make a concrete difference.

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Sunday and Slow Culture team up with Huf, Obey, Vans, Unif, Pabst, Altamont, The Hundreds, and The Quiet Life for this extensive exhibition. A big part of the opening, which goes down tonight at Slow Culture gallery in Highland Park, has been the collaboration between the galleries and with brands to create exclusive shirts themed around the show. 

Check out the invite below and some photos of pieces that will be on display tonight.

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