The So So Glos-A.D.D. Life

The-So-So-Glos Brooklyn punks the So So Glos have been playing music for a long ass time. It's always been fast, direct, and slightly anthem-like punk songs.

Their latest release, "A.D.D. Life," is the first song is the first off their third full-length, Kamikaze, out this spring. The band calls it "an angrier and more direct record than anything we've put forward before. We've turned up the contrast, making the darks darker, the lights lighter, the loud louder, and the quiet quieter."

The video for "A.D.D. Life," reflects the band's tribute to our society's overstimulation, as front man Alex Levine loses his shit over how we're all too busy and overstimulated to even focus. Again working with director Chris Elia - whom previously worked with the band on the anti-social media anthem, "Speakeasy," -  the video is a manic snapshot of a day in the life of a So So Glo.

Levine describes the video to Vulture as, "A true Coney Island of the mind. It features studio footage from the making of our upcoming record, Kamikaze (with producer John Reis), stock footage of various medical procedures, and the craziness that one encounters on a surreal trip in an age of sensory overload. It's got morning commutes and birthday suits."


Watch below.