Useless Eaters - Temporary Mutilation

useless eaters2 Chances are you haven't heard of Useless Eaters before, despite it's inception in 2008. Back then it was lead singer Seth Sutton's bedroom recording project in Memphis, Tennessee. However now, Useless Eaters finds itself in San Francisco, ripping the shit out of Telecaster-sharp riffs and regularly cranking out angular punk.

The one man, garage-punk project became a band when Sutton decided to start playing gigs and touring; the lineup rotates, with Sutton recruiting people for touring. Sutton spent the last months of Jay Reatard's life touring with him in Europe. But with each record, he writes every part of his own songs -  most recently crafting a stark and weird new five-track EP, Temporary Mutilation. Soaked with frenetic melodies and slightly cryptic vocals, sax, and beat mix make the title track a unique development of distinct noise. Sutton works with an oddball meter and haunting vibrations of sax and xylophone throughout the entire EP, which reeks of Sutton's well-known aggressive riffs and delivery.

Temporary Mutilation features the instrumental prowess of drummer Miles Luttrell from future Slovenly Records legends Scraper, Brendan Hagarty on bass, and recorded by Kelley Stoltz (Third Man Records fame) and mastered by Mikey Young of Australia’s Total Control.

Listen to title track "Temporary Mutilation", below.