Polar Skates Artist Jacob Ovgren

https://vimeo.com/143806604 Skater and Polar Skateboards artist Jacob Ovgren likes to be shocked when looking at art. He's fed up with plain illustrations and designs that straight up don't relay anything visually and are simply easy on the eyes.

It's no wonder the 25-year-old illustrator will add just about anything - dicks, guns, weed, bloody knives, sex - to his light-hearted animations, turning his weirdest and most twisted thoughts into fun comics, prints, and skateboard graphics.

Ovgren recently teamed up with The LB Project - an initiative dedicated to uniting artists, photographers, and the skate community to raise funds for the Harold Hunter Foundation and Skateistan - to design a graphic that will be printed on a set of 5 skateboards.  Ovgren's design is a slightly exaggerated depiction of the gym, a place that the Swedish native thinks is one of the most horrifying on earth.

"Going into a a gym is like entering the gates of hell," says Ovgren. "All these weird guys with big muscles and water bottles and energy drinks are grabbing machines and pumping."

Bulging veins, beastly arm muscles, doobie-smoking devils, and bloody skulls doubling as dumbbells all make an appearance in Ovgren's satirical graphic that pokes gruesome fun a the meathead culture. Ovgren takes The LB Project into his studio in Malmö, Sweden in this candid video piece about how penises make every illustration better and how his elementary math class became more of a lesson in doodling.

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