Frankie Cosmos-Fit Me In EP


Two years ago Frankie Cosmos aka Greta Kline would just write a song, record it directly onto her computer, and then pop it online, never going back to listen to it over again. Now, while the 21-year-old New Yorker subjects to strategic release dates and a pretty constant touring schedule Kline still manages to crank out a steady stream of songs as Frankie Cosmos - the self-release of two collections in mid-2014, affirms glinting and quick songs, and now the four-song EP Fit Me In.

The new EP doesn't officially come out until next Friday through Bayonet Records, however the surprisingly poppy EP can be streamed in it's entirety via her bandcamp right now.

Throughout Fit Me In, Kline's vocals delicately bounce along the tracks' humming electronic organ melodies and invitingly simple synth orchestration that was arranged by her boyfriend, Aaron Maine, who doubles as the musical project Porches. While the EP's predominately electronic instrumentation marks a definite sonic shift from the studio sound heard on her debut, Kline's brevity and lyrical sincerity on each track showcase her familiar lofty vocals and invitingly simple compositions.

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