Weezer-Do You Want To Get High


Although Rivers Cuomo has stated that Weezer is not actively working on a new album, “but are open to dinner dates with A&R representatives” (the band is without a label right now), they've released two new singles - last week's "Thank God for Girls," and now the catchy "Do You Wanna Get High?"

Cuomo and Scott Shriner debuted the new song on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 Radio show, which you can listen to right here. The frontman details all the wonders of smoking pot on the new track, which has a decidedly more classic Weezer sound than its predecessor. Since the band is without a record contract, they've been able to take some more creative liberties with what they put out.

“We don’t have a record deal anymore, so we’re kind of on the loose and experimenting and nobody’s in charge anymore,” he said. “We’re just doing what we wanna do and that led to ‘Thank God for Girls.’”

“Do You Wanna Get High?” is a fairly straightforward track that evokes Pinkerton style. By third listen you'll be able to single along with Cuomo's catchy lyrics that emote about smoking weed and listening to Burt Bacharach. The song is allegedly built upon a sample from an unnamed ’60s song.

Listen to the new track below.