CG Roxanne - Normandie Blvd.

cgroxanne CG Roxanne and the Nightmares manifested in an afternoon for one show, and didn’t have another for about a year. That was after a friend of their's asked them to play a show but they didn't think the music they were making was suitable for the party. They made a new band, and played the show.

Ever since, CG Roxanne, which are Marlon Rabenreither on guitar/vox, Sam Thornton on bass, and Carlos Laszlo on drums, have been making some good 'ol rock and roll. The classic shit...Ramones songwriting, but not in a mimicy way.

CG Roxanne and The Nightmares - a name taken directly from Crystal Geyser Water - is a punk band that began as a joke performance but has ended up with two brilliant albums (Shanghai Lowdown and Bâtards au Paradis), and as of recently have been revealing their coming Halfway To Hollywood EP song by song. Here's the EP's track, "Normandie Blvd.".

Listen below.